SOLASTALGIA (n): The homesickness felt while one's home disappears.

Solastalgia is a neologism coined by Environmental Philosopher and Professor of Sustainability Glenn Albrecht of Australia. Weaving together the concepts of loss of solace and nostalgia, Albrecht has hit upon an experience more and more of us begin to recognize as our homes transform around us. Albrecht is including solastalgia in his emergent field of terrapsychology, which delves deeply into our felt relationships with the earth.

Albrecht is also a prolific neologist who sees the beauty and power of emergent language. Two of our favorites of Albrecht's here at Eco Courageous are Soliphilia - or the love and responsibility for a place, and The Symbiocene - or the next earth epoch characterized by harmonious and symbiotic relationships between humans and the rest of life. A few neologisms coined by some our Eco Courageous colleagues include vulnerageous (vulnerable courageousness), fragilience (fragile resilience), creategrity (creative integrity), and phenomenomenal (phenomenal phenomenology)