Metamorphosis Ecologies


UPCOMING EVENTS in 2019 (Dates TBA):

  • Workshop at CIIS: A Void Dance ~ Approaching Climate Collapse Beyond the Privileged Paradigms of Urgency or Safety, Efficacy or "It's F'd" ~ at the Confluence of Despair and Self Care, Paralysis and Paradox.

    Whose stories are dancing dread for you? Whose choices inspire a believably live-able future? Whose urgency impacts whose agency? Among our upcoming sacrifices may lie strewn some folks' most cherished myths ~ that things stay stable, get better, continue at all. Can we become accustomed to breathing through bioreavement like smoke from nearby fires? Will we plant seeds in solastalgiac soils if we expect hopeless harvests? How are your transformations unfurling? How many deep changes have you come thru already? Where's your home headed? Oh, here comes the next wave ~ let's learn to swim through together! Drawing from the work of adrienne maree brown, Audre Lorde, Donna Haraway, and Joanna Macy, setting space for community strategy and skill sharing, Joshua Halpern will invite an embodied and embedded engagement through some of what we may hold or let go, end or begin.

  • Watershed Witness Tour - Mokelumne and Tuolumne Rivers: Spring 2019: East Bay and SF water starts its journey in the Sierras and collects at several reservoirs on its way into the sinking flatlands and - for now - our taps. Spending the day tracing the route from Ocean to Bay to Tap to Meandering Stream to Precious Reservoir to Thunderous Mountain to Trickling Spring, arriving before dark at a gorgeous campground along the headwaters at 5000 feet above sea level. While with the river we will listen, learn, share, sing, splash, spend time in groups and solo, and then slowly flow back out to the Bay the next day.


Eco Courageous events move us together towards some of the scariest parts of our shifting homes, with humor and healing and honest engagement with our changing relationships with Earth.

We explore common concerns, hold space for deep and difficult experiences as well as celebration and gratitude, encourage embodiedness and embeddedness, welcome diversities of perspective and multiple kinds of knowing, and we honor the magic and potency of our radically uncertain times.






Where your water comes from.
How the landscape around you continues to change over eons.
Who lived where you live before you.
How to be in cahoots with your internal flora, your trillion-strong gut microbiome.
How to be in cahoots with your external organs, your rainforest lungs and river veins.
Where we float ~ nestled inside our Milky Way Galaxy, our Laniakea Galactic Supercluster, our Universe, our Pluriverses.


A cataclysm - acting out the protoplanet Theia colliding with primordial Earth to create the moon.
A cosmic symphony - the songs of Earth and her sibling planets' electromagnetic signatures.
An ecological phenomenon - The moment sea and sky combine to form a hurricane.
A zoomed-in scale - the different love dances between polinators and flowers.
A lost landscape - the sounds of villages that stood for 1000s of years and disappeared in one generation.
A speculaspecies - a future animal inhabiting its future niche